Monday, June 22, 2009

Crib Climber

So Thursday Night Bella decided to apparently take after me and climbed out of her crib. Lately she has been crying when we put her to bed and wants us to stay in her room with her until she falls asleep. We had broken her of this habit a long time ago and for some reason she started doing it again.

So Thursday Krissy put Bella in her crib and she was doing her usual bit of crying for "Momma" and Krissy went and laid down in our bed and started drifting off to sleep. Bella had pretty much stopped crying at this point so Krissy assumed she was falling asleep like she usually does.

A few minutes later Krissy woke up to Bella standing next to the bed saying, "Wake Up Momma!" I believe Krissy had a panic attack because she then wasn't sure if she had actually put Bella to sleep or not.

So Krissy put her back in her crib and she did it again. She climbed out of her crib and came back in our room. Krissy called to inform me that Bella had done this and that she was going to just leave her in our bed until I got home.

I got home from Lowe's at 11pm and both Krissy and Bella were sound asleep in our bed. I scooped Bella up out of our bed and put her back in her crib.

At 3:27 am I got woken up by Bella tapping me telling me to, "Wake up Daddy." If Krissy hadn't told me she was climbing out of her crib I probably would have had a heart attack. At this point I just picked her back up and put her in our bed.

Then she kept asking for the remote because she wanted to watch tv. So I basically didn't get any sleep all night because I had to deal with Bella kicking me as she tends to do when she lays in our bed.


So two weeks ago on Sunday we decided we would go to D'Angelo's sandwich shop for some subs. On our way out I was holding Bella's hand and she was hopping / jumping in the parking lot when her hand slipped out of my hand and she fell face first smacking her forehead off of the asphalt in the parking.

She immediately started screaming, as I think anyone would. I picked her up and then Krissy ripper her out of my arms and ran back into D'Angelo's. She got some ice and a blue cloth from the people who worked there and put some ice on her head.

( Bella a few minutes after hitting her head)

She cried for about 5-10 minutes and then she was done crying. Then she started poking her forehead with her finger going, "I hit my head." It obviously didn't hurt that bad anymore at that point.

The next day she had scrapes all over her nose and a big red spot on her forehead but we were fortunate enough that she didn't even break the skin on her forehead and there was no blood. If there had been I can only imagine how much more freaked out everyone would have been.

( Bella the next day after hitting her head)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Virus Virus Virus

(This was meant to be published after the emergency room visit)
Anybody ever notice that everytime you take a little one to a Doctor because they are sick it is because, "It's a virus." I always thought that when you went to the Doctor they might actually know what "virus" it is. Took Bella to the Doctor's again today because she now has a red rash over most of her body and I was expecting to hear that it was Roseola and all I heard was that it was a rash probably caused by the virus that gave her the temperature.

Anyways, We were sitting around the house on Sunday and we were pretty tired from being up with Bella the night before and Krissy was sitting on the couch with a coffee in her hands and had her head back and her eyes closed.

Bella looks over at her and goes, "No Sleep Momma, Drink Coffee."

Sunday, May 31, 2009


So we believe we now know why Isabella had the fever that she had on Tuesday. She now has a rash and it appears it is Roseola. Of course with her whenever she's sick you rarely would know unless you know her because she still runs around the house like a maniac.

So Krissy called the Doctor to make sure we shouldn't bring her in and he confirmed that it probably is Rosie Ola and to just keep an eye on her and if it gets worse or her demeanor changes to call the Doctor's office again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 3

On Sunday we met up with Marc, Lauren, and Sophia, as well as Kyle, Krissy and Joseph at the Pentagon City Mall and went to the zoo.

While at the zoo we saw a Sloth Bear, which is much larger than I expected. We saw otters playing in the water which Bella loved watching play in the water. We also saw the Panda's while the National Zoo still has them. Bella loved the elephants and didn't want to leave where they were at. She would have stayed and watched them all day.

Our next stop was the Orangutan House. Krissy took Bella inside and she absolutely loved watching the "monkeys" while they played inside. When they came out I picked Bella up to ask her if she liked the monkey house and the first thing she did was plug her nose and tell me that, "the monky house stinky daddy." After that we made our way down and saw the tiger. At this point all three kids were exhausted and we made our way back to the entrance to the zoo and took the train back to the cars.

For the rest of the day whenever we asked Bella if she saw the monkey house she proceeded to tell us that the monkey house stinky.

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

On Saturday we met up with a group of Marines that I served with while in DC. While leaving the mini ARI reunion we decided we would go to a Nationals Baseball game with Marc and Lauren and Sophia in the new Nationals Ballpark.

This involved taking the Metro which Bella absolutely loved. She wouldn't take her eyes off of the trains as they pulled in and out of the station and loved riding on the Metro as well. When they would pull out of the station she would wave bye to the trains the whole time until she couldn't see them anymore.

Once at the ballpark she was all about taking in everything. She loves watching other people and it was also free hat night so everyone got a free Washington Nationals hat. Bella immediately had to have her hat so that she could put it on which she loves to wear her hat backwards.

Krissy would tell Bella to watch the Pitcher when he was getting ready to throw the ball and when the batter would hit the ball Bella would start clapping.

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

On Thursday we left NH at 6am and headed for VA and we were fortunate enough to arrive in Dumfries, VA at 5:30 pm while only hitting rush hour traffic just after driving over the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. For those who don't know this can make a 30 minute drive take 2+ hours in the DC Metro Area. Just being able to take the HOV lane on I-95 saved us about an hour.

On Friday we just hung around Lisa's house and relaxed from our drive and took Isabella to a local park with a name of Locust Shade Park. The park had a pond that had paddle boats as well as trout and large mouth bass. On one edge was an area you could look down into the water and feed the fish. Well in this pond there were some rather large fish which Bella informed us that they were whales and not fish.

While driving back from the park we were talking with Bella about what she saw and Lisa asked her if she saw whales in the water. Isabella informed Lisa that "they were fish, not whales!"