Monday, June 22, 2009

Crib Climber

So Thursday Night Bella decided to apparently take after me and climbed out of her crib. Lately she has been crying when we put her to bed and wants us to stay in her room with her until she falls asleep. We had broken her of this habit a long time ago and for some reason she started doing it again.

So Thursday Krissy put Bella in her crib and she was doing her usual bit of crying for "Momma" and Krissy went and laid down in our bed and started drifting off to sleep. Bella had pretty much stopped crying at this point so Krissy assumed she was falling asleep like she usually does.

A few minutes later Krissy woke up to Bella standing next to the bed saying, "Wake Up Momma!" I believe Krissy had a panic attack because she then wasn't sure if she had actually put Bella to sleep or not.

So Krissy put her back in her crib and she did it again. She climbed out of her crib and came back in our room. Krissy called to inform me that Bella had done this and that she was going to just leave her in our bed until I got home.

I got home from Lowe's at 11pm and both Krissy and Bella were sound asleep in our bed. I scooped Bella up out of our bed and put her back in her crib.

At 3:27 am I got woken up by Bella tapping me telling me to, "Wake up Daddy." If Krissy hadn't told me she was climbing out of her crib I probably would have had a heart attack. At this point I just picked her back up and put her in our bed.

Then she kept asking for the remote because she wanted to watch tv. So I basically didn't get any sleep all night because I had to deal with Bella kicking me as she tends to do when she lays in our bed.

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